Products and Services
Proprietary Solutions and Systems Installation
  • Proprietary Tracking System Installation.
  • Employee Recognition Systems
  • Point of Sales Systems
  • IP based security systems, security cameras, access control systems et al



Communications Infrastructure Installation
  • Enterprise Intra-network
    • Wired and Wireless, based on commercial standards
    • Cisco VoIP Network
    • Legacy PBX based voice networks
    • Cisco Digital Media Systems
    • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Remote Access Installation
    • Internet Access
    • Remote Offices, Branch Offices and Road warrior VPN connectivity.
  • Network Security Installation
    • Firewalls
    • Internet Access Policy Implementation
    • Network Access Control
Data Warehousing Systems

  • Data Center and Server Room Installation
  • Network Services Installation
    • Enterprise Email System
    • Domain and Directory Services
    • Network Collaboration Services
    • Document Management Systems
    • Network Monitoring and Management Systems
    • Website Development and Implementation

Unique Offering/Differentiator
  • Web based solutions and services
  • Database Administration and Integration
  • Process Automation and Workflow Planning.
  • Software Development.
  • High end offering solutions for SMBs.
  • Guaranteed 100% operations of all modules purchased and implemented.
  • Tailored training to each job function.
  • Post Implementation support system.